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    5/4/3mm Patagonia R4 Hooded Wetsuit MT

    5/4/3mm Men's Patagonia R4 Hooded Wetsuit MT retails for $625.00.
    For sale for $493.00 (20% OFF)

    I wore the suit ONCE. I am 6'1 and have ridiculously long monkey arms. The sleeves of the suit are cut for normally proportioned MT (medium-tall) surfers.

    Check the suit out at [URL=""][/

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    Anyone tried these? Can you compare to xcel infinity drylock suits?

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    I also wear Xcel Drylock. I wear a MT in Excel. I am 6'1'', tall, skinny, and have super long arms. The Pata arms are not long enough for me. The suit was super warm, I wore it once during a blizzard, I actually didn't get wet.

    Xcel=Flexible, warm, taped seams fall apart/leak after an intense year
    Pata=Almost as flexible as Xcel, HOT, high quality stitched/glued/taped seams, plus warranty attatched

    Your more then welcome to try on.
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    Sold! 3 years ago.