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    So Folly does get good, really good. And that being said, I certainly have not caught all of the swells this year but they have been documented so you can see for yourself. The one's I did catch were a blast and were legit waves.

    I moved to SC from MD where I surfed for many years and used think OCMD was fickle. SC has put things into perspective for me... While I will always consider SC my 2nd home (my wife is from here), I'm glad to know that we'll be moving back to MD -- at least from a waves perspective. While I know this year has been good as a whole, it is still very inconsistent. Just calling it like it is... I've heard all the reasons why including how the continental shelf plays into things but for a place that goes off when it's good, I sure wish it did it more often.

    It's a cool place especially the greater Charleston area. I could think of worse places to live but don't be counting on the consistency being any better than what you're used too -- in fact, I would suggest looking an alternate hobby for the flat days. You'll get really good at whatever you decide on...

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    There's a bar back on the marsh side of the island a couple miles south of the washout that steams oysters and just dumps the whole pile right in the shells steaming on picnic tables out on the deck looking over the marsh at sunset. might sound odd steaming oysters but what a blast.

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    These guys all got it right. More or less inconsistent but has the ability to bang under the right wind/conditions. Having said that, if you are willing to throw a long board into the mix you can surf here somewhere round 100 days a year. This and last winter have been TERRIBLE but the waters also 47 degrees so its a good time not to be surfing. The summers here are mostly dribble but the beaches are great to chill at during this time. You really got to be on it to get the good sessions but this is a great place to live. Do like I do and makle sure you can take a trip in the summer and winter and youl;l find that you surf enough. Good luck.

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    Yea well, unfortunately I don't longboard, only ride shortboards and fish. I'm used to making small waves work though. Everyones been telling me the city is great, but flat spells make me lose it. VA beach was enough to make me go crazy every summer and winter. Right when I was convinced it was the worst place on earth to surf, fall would come and I'd get addicted to again. It was like torture
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