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Thread: tuflite

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    anyone have any info on tuflite brother wants to get one and he doesnt know much about them...

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    they're as the name says tough and light, they are super durable way more than regular boards i hate regular boards i've never had one for more than three months without dents or delam and i'll never go back, they don't have the same flex but it's easy to adjust to, if you want to go for it all get a firewire
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    Info on the website about how they are constructed:

    I got one about 3 years ago. Fairly short 6'2" Al Merrick and I ride it in head+ hurricane surf.

    The biggest reason I belief tuflite became popular (but I may be wrong) is for high impact: aerials, wave impact, etc.

    Mine has almost no dings in it after working it pretty hard but the surface is a little more brittle than fiberglass as far as hitting rocks/shells on beachbreaks. Mine started to show some wear on the nose so I got a daimond tip (I also got it because the nose looks deadly and those daimond tip ads scared me into buying one).

    Just in the beginning of this summer a guy came into a surf shop with a tuflite to be fixed. He was like "i don't know what happened?!" and there were bubbles in it; like 6in. wide bubbles and one was blown open. He said it was because his was first generation tuflite when they first came out, but I think he was on something and forgot that he tried cooking it over a campfire. There is no other explanation for how any board could get messed up the way his was, might be something to look in to though.

    They make ding repair kits just like they do for fiberglass so if you do run into some chips, you don't need to worry too much. Other than that I love my board and I know they are a little cheaper now than they were when I got mine so I'd say they are worth it. It is also something that he should get only if he is experienced. It should in no means, in my opinion, be a beginner board.