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    East Coast Surf Road Trip

    This coming summer my buddy and I are going on our first surf road trip, starting at the beginning of August until classes start or we run out of money, whichever comes first. We are starting in New Jersey and hope to get down to southern Florida. We are trying to avoid hotels and want to camp as much as we can. Anyone know of some good spots with campsites near the breaks? Thanks guys.

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    You can camp at James Island County Park or maybe at Folly Beach CP and hit up folly. Good luck on your timing.

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    KOA in Rodanthe and Frisco Woods in Hatteras

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    Yea CB park, hit up the cove the next day

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    Second vote for Frisco Woods in Hatteras, except be sure to check out the state run camp ground on the ocean side, not the privately owned one on the sound. The state owned park is cheaper, nicer and walking distance to the ocean.

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    i have done the same trip just south to north. OBX is your best bet for waves and cheap camping, sebastian inlet is legit, new symna, folly is beat for waves plus crowd in summer is zoo like, go to wrightsville beach then skip sc GA **** is beaaaaat