Whats good everyone Im new to this forum but I here to bring sweet news with a killer opportuniy for some of you advanced surfers. A brand new company that I an working for is looking to create a surf team thats pretty wide spread. You don't have to lve in any specific area. We are based out of the United States though. They just launched a site call SURFERS LOUNGE. It is still under much construction but you can visit it and get updates and what not. They also launched a forum board yesterday in hopes of drawing so attention. WE are looking for surfers of any age that are interested in getting there name out as well as helping our business grow. We are offering small sponorships which will include some basic gear and stuff. head ovr to http://www.surferslounge.net

for everyone else its a great place just to talk about surfing. We are currently working on launching our own store, surf reports, and much more come over and check it out.