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    Dane Reynolds new film

    New vid from Dane. Thrills Spills and What Not. Was suppose to drop on the 10th, but they were having issues with the store. Its out now. There are 5,000 copies of it and 30% of proceeds will be donated to the Center For Biological Diversity Buy it


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    I've been sucked into the hype. I've been anticipating its release for a while so when it was released I didnt hesitate to order a copy.

    The whole idea behind the movie was to create something raw and unhyped and unadvertised with little expectations. Compared to a big name film with a big name behind it like taylor steele or thomas campbell. But its kind of funny because without all the advertising and ad campaigns, its received a lot of publicity, a lot of not being so good. At least that has been my understanding of the project.