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Thread: WRV surfboards

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    Tom Mahady.....Belmar NJ...Legit.

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    Got a Wrv,shaped by Yinger.The boards awsome.My second wrv.100% handshaped.I don't see how can you compare that to Ron Jon.Seriously?

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    Some good points have been made.
    My take on WRV boards is they are somewhat inconsistent.

    They have always had great shapers throughout the years (as well as those mentioned earlier Redman, Mike Daniels and some other top shapers worked for them) but sometimes the quality/durability isn't there. I guess sometimes they amp up production and the quality suffers.

    On the other hand you can usually get a good price on them, so if getting a cheap board is your goal.....

    2 things I will admit , the boards the Team riders get are really good
    That shop is a frigging gold mine!

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    what other shapers are in the relative area besides wrv and the other guy who used to shape for wrv?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray F.
    Just a question, though: Why are you looking at WRV when you have smoking local shapers....
    Quote Originally Posted by HaoleNJ View Post
    I was thinking about a WRV cause I am going to be in the VB area a lot and WRV seems to be the main local shaper down there.
    Right on. In that case, I can see the logic in considering a board from WRV. As far as other shapers go, Seasoned makes some decent shapes. Dave Engress at Pride is well known, too (despite affiliation with 17th St.). Austin does incredible work, but he isn't known for his HPSBs. I'd still go in and talk to him before I pulled a trigger on anything. Freedom doesn't have shapers, but gets semi-custom shapes by Vernor & Christenson. They're both west coast guys, but Dave (Feedom owner) works with them to develop Va Bch specific designs for decent off the rack boards.

    The Outer Banks (where you will eventually migrate your surfing to) has good shapers, as well. Tim Nolte is a shaping icon, as well Scott Busbey of In the Eye (formal part owner of Natural Art).
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    check out how hard jesse fernandez rips. make sure you remember to add in that its all year long even in the cold NC winters. then add in that he's(along with yinger) been making boards for 20+ years. then add in the previously stated points that WRV makes boards for some of the elite surfers in the world. and wind it all up with the point that they are east coast born and bred, do NOT cost you 800 dollars because they are the latest greatest hot brand, and that they can be easily picked up for a custom hand made board in little over a month means that even though i'm not buying a new WRV everytime i get a board, i think it would be a shame to write them off as a "kooky" brand or 'Ron-Jon" wanna be. my two cents.

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    Wow...comparing it to BIC, references towards calling it kooky, etc...I've never said any of this. Nor did I express anything but admiration for some of their shapers. I merely said when I walk into WRV (or see the people that plaster their stickers all over their cars), it reminds me of Ron Jon. Before anybody gets insulted, try this: Walk into Ron Jon's, Whalebone & WRV with an open mind. If you cannot honestly see the resemblance, fair enough...hate on me all you want.

    Jon, get a WRV board. You'll probably be stoked. I've owned 3 off-the-rack shapes (Frierson, Redman & Keesecker) and was never disappointed with the boards. I've gone there to ask about having a board shaped and been disappointed, though. It's just not the same experience as the shops that sell more surfboards than clothes. Before you go into WRV, however, contact some of the other guys mentioned on this thread and talk to them. Don't commit. Check them all out, then go into WRV and ask to talk to somebody about a surfboard. I think you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Good luck and post your results!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoDelLocal View Post
    I guess my answer would be that it's just the surroundings of my "friends". What I mean is that WRV for me has been like if you grow up in a family that buys only fords, then you are bound to hate chevy, regardless of the product. Also, I guess the only shop that I've seen WRV's in (brand new, not used) has been a "kooky" kind of shop, so perhaps that soured my taste. I mean no disrespect to those who ride ANY board. I just know that I've sort of been conditioned to steer clear of WRV's
    I know what you mean, i went into this shop over near me, a real kooky shop. i was like "do you have any winter gear?" seeing if i can get a lower price or something. they were like "why would you surf in the winter?" i just left.. but yeah alot of shops like that sell real name brands like wrv and ron jon. But personally, i have ridden a couple WRVs, and they ride great. Nothing like a ****ty bic or ron jon

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    I had a custom WRV shaped by Fernandez done 2 years ago. I got heavier glass then their standard and it has been amazing for me both in durability and the ride. Keep in mind, this is a longboard, not a HPSB. I own about 8 other WRV boards which have all been great boards, some are as old as the very late 60's/early 70's ranging in size from a 6' Fish to a 10' tanker.

    On another note, I recently decided to try to order 2 more custom longboards. Talking to the guys at the Kitty Hawk store, I faxed down my order form and designs. That was in October. I have called them 4 times since and they still have not quoted me a price. I guess they aren't that interested in making 2 more customs for me. I'm looking elsewhere now....

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    I've had a ton of boards over the years, but only 1 wrv. It was a pat mulhern, really high performance 6'1''. I picked it up new at a local shop for about 250$. They said it had been sitting there for a long time, for whatever reason. It was probably one of my favorite boards ever, until i broke it...

    I dont think i saw mulhern mentioned in the discussion above, anybody know anything about his boards?