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Thread: WRV surfboards

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    yinger got shaper of the year a few years ago which should be mentioned. I wasnt a big fan of the 5/8 quad my friend swore by, i thought it rode like s***. as far as psb, thats like asking what fast food companies sell hamburgers. If you dnt have a board yet, poke around jersey and find someone local and tell them exactly what you want. You never know what little things in the design of an off the shelf board may not correstpond wit your needs

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    I have two WRV boards. Love them. 9'0 is 13 yrs old and the fish is 8 yrs. Raglan made the fish. Excellelent shapes and have withstood alot of wear and tear. My only complaint is that after 13 yrs the longboard deck has delamed and the shortboard has a few soft spots but still rides great. I'd buy new WRVs in a heart beat but also looking at other possibilites since there are so many good shapers out there. I think over the years the WRV shop has lost a little of its quality because of corporate interests but they know east coast surf very well.

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    I just want to let you know my experience with WRV, I've had both a success and a horror story with them. First, I had gotten a custom XTR WRV Chronic. This was the BEST board I EVER had. I was just magic in Jersey surf and was good from knee high to over head. So does WRV have good boards, YES!. I broke that stick this summer . I went to a well known surf shop in , allenhurst, Monmouth county (I'll leave the name unknown although I should let all of you know about their super sh*tty service). I wanted to order the SAME exact board (I'm a stickler for my shape). I had specifics and had given them to the shop. I wanted XTR foam and WRV only contacted the shop to confirm AFTER the board was shaped (incorrectly might I add). Not only did I pay a rediculous amount for a board I didn't order but the service from both WRV and the shop was horrendous. for the board it was shaped by Yinger. THIS was the only thing that kept me from bugging out. The board was shaped AWESOME...too bad it wasnt what I wanted. They DO shape good boards if you can get what you want which means calling weekly to make sure they shape correctly. Board wise they are great but service wise they are terrible. Make your call afterall you are giving them a few hundred dollars of your hard earned money.