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Thread: lost rocket

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATT JOHNSON View Post
    I know a guy who got wynn to shape him a Rocket cause he was in a money bind and couldnt afford to have lost shape him one. He talked to Wynn and a month later his board was ready . I asked him can you tell a difference?? He said other than the lable no he couldnt.

    You could also get Legend to shape you a board i dont know his schedual but he make the best Epoxy boards in NJ. Also you could get Heritage to shape u a board too
    I appreciate the info, Brian Heritage not option for me, gonna talk to Wynn

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    I have a wynn rocket very similar to the one posted. I like it. its a good go to board for nj. I have a tri quad converter. I like it. Waves generally need to have either curve or a little push i.e. not a groveler type board. I ride in in waist to head high. I have been experimenting with it as a quad and it holds rail a little better as a quad cause the tail is so wide, i suppose. Once you get the board going its fast and connects sections well. Skates over flat sections sooo easy. It has a nice tight turning radius and enough tail rocker to release the tail.

    If you are looking to replace an everyday shortboard with something more fun and shorter. Replacing something like a flyer I think the rocket is a good choice. If you are looking to replace like a groveler its not a groveler. If you are looking to replace a hpsb its not that either. Hope that helps.

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    If anyone has another I am interested. I am 5"11' 160. Not sure what is a good size

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    Hey man, I have a 5 10 lost motivator, which is the same as a rocket but a tad more beefy. I am 6'3 and 210 lb and the 5'10 seems perfect. I can get up in waist high, yet it has performed awesome in shoulder to about head high. I use it with thruster set up. At your size you could prob get away with a smaller rocket, like a 58, 59, 510, etc. Good luck!

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    I have a 5'10 with MB3 Futures and carbon fiber tail rails thats in like new condition...would consider a decent offer.

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    I am 6'2 about 175 and i ride a 6'0, 20, 2.5 rocket. +1 on riding it in anything over head. slid out in a tube and my fin got ripped out. thank god it didnt break the plug. i think i could have went shorter, thinner, and less wide but it still works great in anything with push just like everyone has said. it's a good board for a decent day on the EC.

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    where can i find a v2 rocket? those boards are sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWizard View Post
    I have a 5'10 grocket running a quad setup on it right now.
    only surfed a few small waves on it but looks like wensdayy will finally get to really see what it can do.
    how much will you be willing to sell for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnarly View Post
    Rockets are great but make sure to get the right size. If you get it too big it defeats the purpose.
    This is true. I usually ride 5'10 to 6'0 and I have the lost fish in a 5'8 and its my new fav board for sure but ive been learning that it does not work when its OH, especially here on the north shore lol