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Thread: any1 else?

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    any1 else?

    does anyone else feel like they ar ebetter riding a wave one way rather than the other.

    Because it feels rele awkward and doesnt seem liek im riding as good when i go right rather then left. Does this happen with most people?

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    thats an easy question we all do, its a simple righty and lefty situation. You are stronger with one side of your body then you are with your other. So maybe an ARS might be easier doing it from the right then doing it from the left. We all feel this way sometimes I guess, but just keep riding the way you feel most uncomfortable with until you get good.

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    Its true, we all have that feeling. If you are right-handed, you do better going left, and vice versa - me, I'm a righty so going left feels more natural. I was in the water one day recently and the break had me going right every time. It felt easier the longer I was in the water, but I think it will always feel different.

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    It's definitely a right brain/left brain thing.

    If you're right handed, you're going to feel most comfortable going left. Like if you skate/surf/snowboard - you're usually regular footed.

    My brain can't compute going to the right. LOL!