Again, if you can do it right now, do it. The main point I wanted to make about why southern ca is a great place for young surfers is that the surf does not dictate your life. You have a giant city with millions of jobs. When there is surf around you everyday, it allows you to really focus on your life. Your family. Your career. Cause every spare moment you have, you can go surf. No matter the tide, the time, the season. There is always a wave. And if you live by the beach, you NEVER have to travel. The wave at the end of my street is where I surf 90% of the year. Its easy. When I only have 45 minutes in the middle of a hectic day, bam.. at the beach. In and out. Got a hand full of waves. Get on with your day. If you can tolerate 6 days of rain each year, and an earthquake now and then, Itís a dream come true for any surfer. Do you want to have the ability to surf anytime you want? Answer that question, then pack your bags.