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    oh EFF that dude. You should show up on the first, get laid off, and refuse the re-hire. This will allow you to start pulling unemployment (based on your current pay) for a few months to keep everything at bay while you MOVE. Dont feel bad about it either, your employer pays into unemployment insurance all year, its not exactly milking the govt, its taking advantage of something the employer has already paid into. My 2 cents anyways.... Your just lucky that you have 1.5 months to plot on a new job. Better burn up that vacay and sick time first too.... widweek surf sessions!!!
    I do believe i would get denied un employment. I am willing to stick it out a month or 2 for less pay, just so I can put on my resume that I was involved in the re-branding of the casino, it could be some pretty good experience. I doubt I would quit until my lease is up because if i leave or stay im still going to be responsible for the rent in march and april on my apartment. The cost to leave early just isnt worth it..

    Im pretty miserable right now but im just gonna suck it up and keep trucking until the lease is dunzo.

    Thanks for all the advice and tips everybody!

    PS - Big shout out to Sven Peltonen from Brigantine - CHARGING THE BIGGEST WAVE OF THE DAY AT THE BAY!!!!! motha ****a is crazyyyyyy. Yall will see the pictures real soon!
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