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    Quote Originally Posted by live aloha View Post
    . In Hawaii you can actually take a break and watch when it's perfect...because it'll probably be just as good again tomorrow. Anyhow, just had to vouch for the Aloha state.
    I need to get there. Sitting around and just watching sets roll in knowing that tomorrow it will still be firing, is sick. Props for the Swissies!

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    ^ hahaha... every session I've had the last month in VB has been the 2 hours before and after low tide and even to-a-days if the tides are right...I will surf till my arms are about to fall out of there sockets cuz its only over knee high once a week. Back home no worries don't have to do marathon sessions cuz it'll be there tomorrow and the day after just as glassy, hollow, and empty... I love places like that