I have a fin question for ya'll.

I hate fins. I tore the ATF/CF ligaments in my right ankle 3 times, and my ankle flips over a lot. I tried wearing an ankle brace in the water, but the current usually tears the straps right off, and it's useless. I get a lot of foot/ankle cramps in regular fins, and when I go to put my foot down - I end up on my face. I don't have to tell you the scenario.

I've been through a lot of fins - Neofins, Vipers, Churchills.

I make up for it by having a decent arm paddle, and paddling with my legs like a crazy person.

Anyway, I was reading these reviews of fins online, and some people were writing about "ShinFins", which are fins that fit over the lower part of your leg. Your foot and ankle are still free to walk (for me, to crack ). Supposedly they lift your legs and you can use your hips and quads to kick, and they give you decent propulsion.

Has anyone else heard of them? I ordered a pair. The inventor offers a money back guarantee. I don't mind being without fins in 2-3 foot waves, but in 5-7 foot waves, I'm going to be a little irked without them.