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    Xcel Infinity 5/4 Blowout $250!!!!

    Just uploaded a couple Xcel Infinity 5/4's @ $250. So grab them before they go, these are brand new less than a season old suits. Go to the sale section of

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    let's get the Patagonia down into that range and then we'll talk...

    jk, that's a great deal!

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    I bought the patagonia R4 and it's toasty, thanks guys, I much rather buy locally than giving my business to god knows who, all those on-line super bargains websites.

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    Bump for a great deal. I go my 3/2 Infinity for about that much 2 years ago, great suit.

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    Thanks guys for the support, we are just trying to provide locals with great prices by blowing out this season to bring in more next season! The economy is tough and we are trying to do our part by trying to get people to buy from local shops with local economies, instead of corporate blowout websites. With every purchase made from this website we are putting it right back into the community and the surf industry. As you can tell by the prices its not about making money but making a statement. Thanks all for the support and purchases and keep checking back for more BLOWOUT DEALS!!!!