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Thread: mid week swell

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    mid week swell

    Micah - u see the forecast for next mid week? Solid east swell...what storm is that coming from??

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    interaction of dean with inverted trough to the north. produced decent fetch of SE winds which will arrrive in thurs time frame.... wonder if these waves will pack more bunch than the monday am swell (showing some nice heights around 11 sec)? interesting situation tho what do u think micah

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    that SE fetch you are talking about is not going to be from Dean. Dean is anticipated to be in the gulf at the time frame.

    It looks like some SE fetch will develop from another tropical wave... It doesn't appear that this tropical wave will develop greatly, but it is showing potential for a decent duration of SE winds in our direction...

    On top of that it looks like a small low will pop off the mid atlantic around mid week. So, this could provide some surf as well...

    Right on cue, this is the time of year, where the East Coast finally gets more exciting for us

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    the waves have actually been holdin up and building since like friday. monday looks clean and tuesday nd wednesday just looks big. im really hopin this swell holds up. no jinxes