I'm a northeastern boy who has snowboarded for most of my life and seen plenty of 100 day seasons. I'm looking for a change of pace this year and want to learn to surf. So having some friends from ES and hearing La Libertad was killer I booked a flight out to San Salvador on March 3.

Any advice anyone can give would be awesome. The more I check this out the more I am stoked but realize I need to be totally on point in many ways. I've never been out of country before yet have 2 years Spanish and some good practice with my friends. I have no idea about surf culture, I'm a very respectful boarder but I'm realizing I'm gonna be dealing with different factors (locals and im not only a nOOb but a foreign nOOb, wave priority, paddling out, ect).

I've looked at alot of ettiquette and common sense travel safety so I know the basics. Are there any tips for someone in my situation heading to ES and particularly La Libertad? I'm hoping Zunzal has a good vibe to it and would be accomodating for a beginner.

Also should I go with a surf camp, or wing it and find a hostel, board to rent, and community that would tolerate my a**. Anytips on making it back alive on Mar 13 would be spectacular.