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Thread: ? on LBI shaper

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    Sep 2010

    ? on LBI shaper

    Friend recommended using a shaper Trill Surfboards (Ted) over another shaper I had used in the past. So any of you LBI Jersey guys use him or ride any of his creations ? Just looking for some feedback

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    I'd never heard of 'em before but I just checked a few of their boards and I'm really liking some of the retro fishes they've made...give em a shot.

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    Dec 2009
    garbage state
    them are some nice fishies!!

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    Trill Surfboards great shaper

    goofy footer, I have picked up a few boards from trill surfboards. (the 6'2 quad retrofish) on his website. He is a great shaper who has boards all up and down the mid atlantic beaches. He is one of the easiest shapers to work with. Tell him what you want (his boards are all 100% custom) and hell make it happen. He uses resin, so you can tell him what kind of colors and design layout you want on your board. I wanted a loud 80's style color scheme on my board. And he hooked me up! hope this information helped. He is a super nice guy so just send him an email and he will answer any questions you have.

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    I got my hands on one of his boards... gave it a good groping. Interesting, creative designs, well shaped and well glassed. Does a pro job, all the way around. Seems to avoid the often mundane shapes you see in the water these days. You either like his stuff or you don't, depending on what you're into.

    Make sure you tell him the density foam and glass schedule you want when you order.