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    West Lotus 5/4 Backzip (M) For Sale.

    Im selling one of my extra winter suits which i barely ever used. It was given to me from the West rep. I wore this suit 6 times or less. Everything is good about it. Super warm and flexible. Im just trying to get some closet space. So someone can take it for $150. Its a size Medium, which fits a person from 5'9" to 5'11" 130-150 pounds.

    Suit inside Out

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    Where are you located and how fast are you trying to sell it?

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    Im from EHT 5mins from OC NJ. And it doesn't matter, I'm not trying to sell it fast I'm just trying to clean out my closet of extra suits.

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    ...those pesky extra suits. What nerve they have...

    Anyone been up by the beach this afternoon? Looks ridable. Choppy but ridable.
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    Yeah the rack in my closet is gonna break. haha there being pretty pesky.

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    live in Baltimore but I'll try and keep an eye on the surf on the weekends up that way and try and make it more than just a trip up to by a suit.. just email me at with some conatct info that way if I have to come on short notice I can let you know and try to meet up.