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    Quote Originally Posted by ginsumagic View Post
    Oh, only use a number 3 philips (full size, no mini tool stuff) or you'll risk stripping the screw heads out.
    Yea... That was my problem. The screws would get stripped from constantly doing a rather poor job of tightening them when I was being rushed, or using the ****ty screw drivers that are on the benches.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion with them. But for me, riding everyday (or close to it), they just didn't cut it. I would have to tighten them at least once a day, lost countless screws, stripped countless screws. Basically they were a pain in my ass. And there is no worse feeling than flying down a run, and realizing that your feet are moving around every which way... The dreaded disco feet...

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    One more day until I'm snowmobiling in 2ft+!!!

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i love me some snowboarding just as much as surfing. im more of a rider that will just carve all the way down the mountain thinking the mountain is a wave, theres a nice left hand turn at snowshoe in wv and u can just get so much speed and then just lay all the way down into it.