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    I just made O'Neill happy with my purchase (but perhaps my "local" surf shop happier - which I don't mind because I love the place I go). I was looking at boots, hoods, gloves, etc. but I'll hold off on purchasing those unless I really intend on going out in the dead of winter. I do plan on it though.

    I could use help with all of those other things you've mentioned (reading the surf, etc.). I found an online version of a Morey DVD that gave some explanations to that effect but the clips seemed short and the stream quality was not very good.

    FYI, given where I live in NJ (off I-78), it could take me less time to get to some of the Long Island beach spots (Long Beach, Lido) than to a LBI here on my side of the Hudson. I may have to make some trips out to Long Island. I wouldn't mind checking it out.

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    whats up dave welcome to the community. I'm a 21 yr old bodyboarding, been doing this **** about 10 years now.. Manasquan is a great place to board at unfortunately there are a lot of beginner surfers out there and can get crowded.. Stick to long branch thats where I go out a lot, drive down the coast to deal and turn down any street and see if its firing.. If you want you can PM me and ill show you the ropes out there and where exactly to goo.. hope you went out this weekend cause we had some great swell

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    vjay what up are you hitting up anything on saturday? me and one of my friends are goin down to manasquan to get a few rides in. we should get a big session goin

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    LB BB Spot

    My first post!! Woo Hoo

    I have been going out mostly in LB and Belmar,

    I found a gem in long branch, The beach just right of 7 prez. The best conditions are big choppy east wind swells when all others are blown out or have no power. This place is not so much for beginners and surfers since itís always breaking in a about 2-3 feet of water, makes a very steep and fast, hollow shore break wave when most other places a mushy and have no power.

    I was out yesterday and again without fail, great wedging peaks, hollow and the only one out. Not sure if I am the only one that likes to BB these types of waves in the area, I noticed a few BBís over at 7prez that again was busy, mushy and slow yesterday around 6pm.

    I seem the be the only BB going out over there, talked to a few surfers about the break and they donít seem the like how sallow and steep the wave is, Itís perfect for me, nothing like big wedges breaking in 3ft of water Seems like the perfect mix for BBíing on a blown out day.


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    I'm coming to Jerz to sponge with ya'll. My home breaks are bunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spongah View Post
    I'm coming to Jerz to sponge with ya'll. My home breaks are bunk.

    You know I may be able to make some time Saturday early afternoon to hit the Long Branch area.

    Forecast looks pretty good.

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    dave heres an idea. stay in north jersey and stop clogging up my line ups. thanks in advanced. every single local in monmouth county.
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