So, im running with a standard set of FCS foils for my quad fish. Although these fins perform well on the mushier, less steep sections like the cliffs, when it get to that low tide, at the beach break, Im still getting a little slide out on steeper turns.

If I use the standard FCS foil fins on the back, inside fins, and got 2 of the actual FISH style fins (The nice, fat wide ones). Do you think that setup would lose a little speed, but get more stable grip when you really bury the rail?

Im just thinking here. There are a ton of fins on craigslist, and I want to play around with it and get a tighter, locked in turning setup. These fins release well off the top and stuff, but they dont dig much on steep turns....

Any advice? Im a traditional thruster guy as ive previously stated... So im new to this quad stuff.