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    st marten and anguilla help

    been to st martin twice...brought the board both times and got fun waves....not great but better than sitting at the in laws time share with the kids all day. Anyone have any experience with surfing these island. Both times there was a 4 foot northswell in the water but it just didnt break in all areas ....le galion seems to be the main spot w the frenchie and his lil boat...the break is ok but kinda not worth $200 board bag fees....i made the walk to wilderness twice w board in hand but did not surf (to small and lots of urchins on the inside where the waves did break). I searched the island and did all the research....guana not waves.....mullet bay have a lil bodysurf wave but i imagine it takes a real swell to break....cupecoy just seemed like a bunch of crazy rocks i found the surfspot but again it wasnt breaking....i heard plum bay has a break and anse de peres but it must take a gulf hurricane or something...i heard there are break off green cay island, pinel and even orient beach but again not enuff swell....the locals told me "bowls" was the spot but i didnt see any waves worth paddling over the reef and urchins for

    1 foot urchins waves seemed to be the call....or the 6am paddle out to le galion before the frenchies arrive

    i seen pics of two spots in anguilla one is junks hole and not sure the other spot but its at a hotel the looks pretty ridic...anyone have any luck or know where you can rent a decent shortboard....windyreef has ****ty bic lb's that dont look fun

    any help or local knowledge would be well rcvd and i'm traveling solo so the crowd issue is nonexistant...

    thanks in advance

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    st marten and anguilla help

    Hey man nice to see new faces on the forum, Im from CT but 2sec from the mass line and 10min from I-91 where you located?