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    bethany & wrightsville
    when the levee breaks- led zeppelin

    always gets me pumped up

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    Modest Mouse

    Lonesome Crowded West, Long drive, and Moon and Antarctica. Thyt seem to have that raw energy that gets me pumped.

  3. Death metal, and only death metal...

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    anyone else on here have a thing for country music?

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    Apr 2008
    yes,but not for surfing.more like Eat A Peach,Mountain Jam,One Way to those two tunes when I'm in Hatteras.

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    Monmouth Beach, NJ
    In the summer, when it's small, reggae. When it's big, or in the winter, (I know I'm showing my age here) Jane's Addiction's Coming Down the Mountain, and a lot of Smashing Pumpkins gets me amped, but any heavy, fast music will do.

    When I'm shaping, reggae or jazz. When I'm glassing, Hendrix makes the resin swirls sweeet.

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    I do but it depends on the conditions. On a small mellow day maybe someting from Matt and Kim or Passion Pit but on a heavy day it can be Pantera or something along those lines

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    For 20 plus years, this song has remained my favorite all-time pre-surf psyche up anthem. It's called "Try It" by the 80's90's Boston metal-punk geniuses The Bags. When I'm debating in my head whether to attempt a dicey drop, it makes me go for it.

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    I try and listen to something that will get me amped up just before I paddle out, but half the time I will get some random weird song stuck in my head, and like someone else posted, I'll end up singing or humming the damn thing to myself the whole session.

    Sometimes if it's a particularly bad song, and I'm amongst friends, I'll sing it real loud so I can get it stuck in their heads also.

    This song always gets me pumped up for a surf:

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    animal collective

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