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    One more little td bit about Mexico, friend, his family and extended family traveled to Mexico 3x a year. They were aware of warnings of americans being kidnapped but like most of us would never happen to them. Well it did, they had a cousin kidnapped while vacation and held for ransom. They had to return to the US without her, raise $100,000 for her release. They paid the ransom and have never returned to Mexico.
    Holy freakin sh*t man. That is crazy. Horrible.

    Charlie - I'm real sorry to hear that man, I feel for ya. That's a pretty big loss, and I know how it feels to get robbed like that. I've gotten took a few times, really bad, big sh*t, and since then I'm super paranoid.

    Once when I was at work (in OCMD) my friend who works with me came in and came right up to me all freaked out. On his drive in he saw 2 guys in my house and knew I wasn't there. I rushed straight home but by the time I got there they were gone. They left the door open, I prob just missed them. Luckily my friend got a good look at them and I know who they are... but I still haven't seen them and it's been like 2 years. I heard they took off. Crackheads, Oxy fiends. My girl could've been in there by herself....

    I'm waiting for them when & if they come back.

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    When I lived in downtown baltimore back in the day during college, about once per month, Cops would go up and down charles street and put little cards under our windshield wipers with those exact instructions. It basically said, your car is in a high risk "petty theft" area, where crack heads and addicts WILL break your window for change and cigarette butts, so PLEASE remove all of your belongings from your vehicle. Remove audio equip, and leave your car doors unlocked. Otherwise, you WILL have a broken window.... They said that the likelyhood of an autotheft was slim to none in that area. ohh, the good old days!
    Here's a funny story about Baltimore. This was in the late 90's, while Baltimore was dubbed the herion capital. I was good friends with a guy who came from a dope neighborhood. Still had family there. If anyone is familiar with the city, it was in the Warwick area (off of Edmonson), bad, bad herion spots. Dudes with guns on the corners and just out of control open air market ****. Well I was pretty comfortable, because my friend was black, and his family was from there, and I knew his whole family who lived on that block, so I figured it was cool. It was kind of crazy, because even the dudes on the corner selling dope and rock were decent to me since I knew these guys. Anyway, one day we're in the house getting ready to give his cousin a ride or something and my car was sitting out front. I drove a turbo charged Civic at the time, which was pretty low key, but it was fully kitted and slammed with nice 17 inch chrome wheels. We came out of the house and there were four dudes trying like all hell to get those rims off. I had four different locks on every one. No way they had all four keys. My friends brother ran them off with a gun, it was hilarious. After that I was skeptical about my car down there though.

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    I always wondered 'where are the police?'... I saw maybe 3 the whole time I was on the island, in a way that's good, but I guess now I see that's not too good. Not having even a small police presence is not helpful when there are people that aren't from there with nice things/money!
    The police they have are most likely corrupt. It's messed up but that's just how it is in a lot of these poor countries.

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    The police they have are most likely corrupt. It's messed up but that's just how it is in a lot of these poor countries.
    There are tons of police -- I see them everywhere from city to municipal to hwy to state police and special task force police.

    As in any location it helps to speak the local language and to have a good friend on the police force.