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Thread: Moving out west

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    olasdeva Guest

    Moving out west

    I am currently in South Carolina, but I will be moving to Lompoc area in eight months. I was wondering if longboards do well out there? I ride a 9'8'' and I don't plan on buying anything new. Also how cold does the water get?

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    Feb 2007
    San Diego

    Central CA.

    Jalama is one of the better breaks in Central Cal. I think you'll have a lot of fun there.

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    Cool moving to lompoc-nice!

    you will have a great time as the waves will be MUCH more consistent and powerful than you've seen in SC

    plenty of longboards in cali. hope you get to visit Jalama (that's pronounced Ha-lama) as well as all the fun breaks around point conception north the sanluis obispo.

    yep the water gets chilly-4/3+booties and likely a hood in the winter

    have fun searching the cali coast-so lucky

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    When you get here

    Remember to take some time to go up and down the coast. Hwy 1 is a great drive and you can find some sick little spots along the way. But be sure to look out for some nasty locals from time to time. Leadbetter in Santa Barbara is a good longboarding spot when swells are right. Have fun.