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Thread: Cocoa Beach, FL

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    Cocoa Beach, FL

    I got the winter blues and I am thinking of surfing in Cocoa Beach for a few days. I'm a beginner/intermediate looking for options down there. Any body been there, have suggestions? Is it any good?

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    There usually isn't much swell there. If there is any the best place would be in front of patricks airforce base aka 2nd light. But you would have to respect the locals of course. Also the obvious choice would be the pier in cocoa beach.
    I had a real fun time at juno pier about a hour and half south of there. I would suggest going when there is a swell and riding from st augustin a1a all the way down to miami.

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    Thanks for the info. I just need a waist high ride and some sun and a few tasty brews after a day in the surf. My buddy says the sharks are worrisome down there?

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    Man if theres any swell the pier is always a good time...southside usually has more push. Not too far south into Melbourne if you search around you can find some long point-like waves if theres a decent sized NE swell. If you have a bit of time on your hands I'd definitely check out Sebastian Inlet, theres a pretty spread out variety of breaks that can be super fun. Sharks are out there but theres also so many surfers around its not that big a deal.

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    I was down in Cocoa Beach about 5yrs ago and will be going back down this Easter. If theres waves just find a peak and surf it, atleast it will be warm. 2ndlight is good but Marknel83 is right just respects the locals, smile and say hi and you will be ok sharing some waves. Stop in Balsa Bills and say hi to him, ask to park and surf behind his shop, its good there too. Let us know if you end up going. Sharks are always present but a buddy of mine who lives down there said the Man O Wars are really bad down in Jupiter and points south right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h20man View Post
    Sharks are always present but a buddy of mine who lives down there said the Man O Wars are really bad down in Jupiter and points south right now.
    You got that right. I was there 2 years ago and I couldn't believe the number of sharks in the water. Nobody was comming in and the sharks were not bothering anyone so I stayed in also. Maybe that was stupid but the locals were not alarmed and the waves were good.

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    I've surfed Cocoa Beach pier, the south side. The beach has a flat bottom, and usually there's not much shore break, it's a fun mellow wave. When are you going? There's usually a bunch of tourists during the summer time, so a ton of buoys in the water, hehehe.

    As for the sharks, they're everywhere in FL, anywhere there's great fishing, theres gonna be sharks. They're the harmless kind though, spinners and blacktips. Jus hope that they can tell the difference between a mullet and a foot.

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    Plenty of empty beachbreaks in the area... and they're all about the same. Go. You'll have fun.

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    Yes. Go. But check the forecast first, that area gets sick waves but its about as consistent as mid-atlantic. There is a sweet campground down there near the inlet and that whole stretch of beach turns on when there is swell. Dont worry about marine life, you either get eaten or you dont, but your more likely to be be attacked by a pink poodle than attacked by a shark when hanging out in Cocoa beach. Enjoy.

    On a down day go inland and do an airboat tour.

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    if you go south from there and hit indiatlantic it's pretty fun. my buddy went to college in melbourne, and i went down to visit. way bigger than i would've thought it was.

    leethestud, i just chuckled to myself reading your pink poodle quip