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Never mind the piers for a moment, enforcement on that is obvious....What is the law regarding swimmers in surf zones?... I ask because last year I came pretty close to some swimmers inside the surf zone and luckily did not hit them...when I got out I asked one of the lifegaurds if they were allowed to be swimming there, and he just shrugged his shoulders at me. If the town is going to enforce these laws, then they should be fair and equal. Safety first.
good thing you brought this up cuz it was 2 summers ago i was surfing in the surf zone and there was a swimmer with his kids pushing them into waves on their boogie boards in the surf zone. well i took off on a wave and he didnt move and i yelled and yelled well i hit him and i appologized but i guess it wasnt enough, cuz he told the lifeguards on the atv. now grant it im a local i live here in wb year round i surf year round all the lifeguards know me basically. and the lifeguard told me that the surf zone is actually a "multi purpose zone" which means anyone can be in there. i told him it wasnt fair that we surfers are put into a spot but swimmers arent and that if a swimmer is in our territory we have free reign to hit them and not be held responisble, since the swimmer is in our territory.