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Thread: Wall Surf Rack

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    So, I am converting our second bedroom into our baby-to-be's nursey/room. So, I have to empty out my man cave that is filled with dozens of surfboards, golf clubs, snowboards and everything else that is awesome... I am putting most of it outside in our patio storage closet, but I simply dont have enough room for all the boards.

    I have had a 6 board wall rack sitting in my closet that I never mounted. I figure I want to mount it in our master bedroom over on my side of the room and keep my top 6 boards from the quiver there, and keep the rest in the storage shed. Its the standard stained wood back, with 6 pipes sticking out with the foam covering on them. Same as you see in the shops...

    So can I just drill this thing into the drywall, or do I need to go buy a stud finder and all that and mount it into a wood stud? There wont be too much downward pressure on it once its mounted, so im not sure how much stability it requires.

    Or do you recommend trying to plug the drywall with one of those little plastics coverings and then drill a screw into that?

    Any advice on the wall rack mounting?
    It's usually a good idea to find the stud rather than risking your boards to one of those plastic screws

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    Definitely use the studs. If you have a friend that is a carpenter or handyman, they may have a stud finder that clearly detects the studs in your wall. This is a big help and will keep you from making unnecessary holes in your wall.