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    Costa Rica surf in April

    Planning my 1st trip with a couple of friends to Tamarindo this April. Anyone go on a regular basis that could give me some info? We have a place for 10 days and have a car rental with 4X4. We have read and heard from a couple of people that it is a crowded wave in some spots so, we really want to try to avoid those. So where are some better surf spots that some 1st time haole's can go and it wont piss off the Tico's? It is cool we are in our 30's and aren't any kind of punks asses.

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    If you guys are staying in Tamariondo, the easiest thing for you to do is to walk north along the beach and cross the river towards Playa Grande. You can walk at low tide across the river or paddle across when the tide comes in...they also have ticos with boats and they'll take you across for a couple of bucks. Playa Grande has peaks up and down the beach with the best and most crowded spot up towards RIPJACK INN. Ususlly a bit bigger here thus the crowds. Peaks up and down Tamarindo as well...near the rocks at the river mouth is sweet. Other near by remote places that are accessible by car include Playa Langosta, Avellanas, and Negra. All great surf!!!!

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    Costa Rica

    Great suggestions Imperial. Since you are there for 10 days, I would recommend taking one day and going up to Witches Rock & Ollie's Point. (seen in Endless Summer 2) We scored epic surf with no one out when I was down there!. Ask a local or get in touch with the guys at Costa Rica Surf Adventures.
    Here is a link that talks about there services:

    Have fun!

    - Clarence