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    Aug 2007
    Cocoa Beach Fl.

    Question Anyone catch any good dean swell?

    Anyone have any good stories for the this past week?

    Or any pics

    I am getting pictures of me and friends surfing some shoulder-head high waves, but they haven't gotten developed yet (yes....i used film)

    Cocoa Beach was going off on sunday afternoon, pelican point was head high and clean....a real doozy to get out, but once you did, it made it all worth it

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    Nov 2006
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    I caught Dean in Cocoa realy good in the afternoon. I was there for the contest that ended up being cancled. So I hit Cocoa Pier in the a.m. and it was waist high and fun. thaen it just faded off a bit, so I went and ate lunch, and took a little siesta. Woke up to some realy fun shorepounders, that turned into some lined up outside sets about an hour and a half into my session. Got good for at least a couple of hours, and then just went back to sleep on the outside. The shore break was a lot bigger by then, so I hit that for a bit and called it a day.

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    Fernandina Beach went off on Monday and I must admit it was a bit much (chest to head high) for my level of expertise, but the rest of the week was manageable. Best surf we've had in a few months. Next!

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    Looks like we'll have a bit of respit here for this coming up week, but keep an off of the cape verdes, because models are indicating some activity for the beginning of sept...