Forget the Baby wipes! Forget the TP!

A few years ago i went over to a friends house and had to take a dump, so when i was finished i was looking for the TP in the bathroom- none... no not anything that i could use. I yelled down the hall to ask for something- and he goes "oh- i stopped using TP a while ago... Just use your HAND!!!- i just use my HAND!!!! then i wash my hand off when finished. its a waste to buy TP! you just end up flushing if anyways" lol that was crazy- apparently he went on a surf trip years before and had to do that, and has not turned back! I guess it works... and its not like you cant wash it off... it must stink tho!!!

A few years after the incident, we went on a surftrip with some other friends... i was paddling out at hobos in PR and he was in the inside snorkeling. I figured that i would freak him out and paddle up behind him and grab his fins... little did i know that he had a trick up his sleeve... as i paddle up and grab his fin he jumps up and turns around and motions for me to paddle away and i see this crazy look in his eyes and he is yelling something through his snorkel- then he points to the brown turds floating close by us.... wouldn't you know that those turds some how made it out into the line up in about 30 min- then about an hour later, i was riding a wave and whipped out, only to come up and get whipped out by one of those stinkin turds... it was not the highlight of the trip... but i can still laugh at it years later! John S- if your reading this- your the man!!!