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Thread: frisco

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    Anyone know if it has been mostly closing out at frisco this year or if it has been holding swells well?

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    Merick, Ny i hit up lido west
    where is frisco?

    but all i know is here in lavallette where i have been staying for a week lately its been complete closeouts

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    Haven't been there in a while the pier hasn't been the best but by the bathhouse was good and a little further down towards oracroke has been holding up.

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    I just came back from Frisco today and for the most part it was pretty clean with some closeouts. Talking to some people they said up by the lighthouse was mch better though.

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    thanks for the responses. i guess whether a such a spot closes out or not depends partially on the angle of the swell, as well as how the sand bars are sitting at the time, and maybe on the swell size, and, if so, i wonder what swell angle and size may work best these days at frisco.

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    It's kinda like anywhere else on the east coast. one spot could be peeling like a bananna with 50 guys on one point, and 50 yards down it could close out completely, and 50 yards from that, it will peel again with 10 guys on it. If there is significant swell, it closes out much more on low tide than incoming or outgoing. The bar is pretty far out at some spots. It completely depends on the swell.