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    yeah, i surfed rockaway alone but it wasn't very good. 90th was a zoo at 8am when i checked it and everyone was dropping in on each other. I don't mind surfing a crowd if people have respect but that spot is a joke. I've even threatened violence at that spot and they still don't care. I wish there were more locals than just me willing to f%ck people up for drop ins and ditched boards, then maybe that spot would be surfable. It was decent out east for a little bit when the tide was high and the wind backed off but then it came around hard ssw. Surfing for 5 hours is better than not surfing though.

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    sucks to hear that about 90th santos.
    I dont surf there often at all... while it might have a slightly better break on that beach, I much rather surf without the crowds and will take a slightly smaller break over 90th any and every time.

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    Weekday mornings in the winter i can get it to myself at 90th and the box, or if it's real big and there is a decent amount of rip/current to thin out the line up. Otherwise it's not worth it. There are good breaks elsewhere anyway, although on the right swell 90th does get all time.

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    unfortunately the 90th jetty does really work the best. i was surfing a few blocks down today and caught some nice waves but the big jetty was definitely lining up better. total zoo though. blatant drop ins and board ditches. ugly! it's not as bad when it's big but these little waist to chest days can be bad.

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    if anyones got pics from today id love to see em...where i am there was no waves...ugh better luck next time..

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    No matter how much better I've seen it at 90th, it's never worth being pissed off in the water. I don't mind driving a bit further or sacrificing a bit of size for a somewhat empty lineup.

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    suferdude.... while there was surf... it was hardly anything worthy of picture taking...

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    its not the size mfritz, i wanted to see the "zoo"

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    Ah I see... surferdude, you can check in on the exact zoo spot on,
    just look for the 90th street camera and you can get a minute of video from the thier surfcam.
    refresht he page to reload the camera.

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    tuezday mornin' looks good. windz much better this time around, so far. hopefully won't git killed overnite by strong windz/