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    Need helpful advice.

    So now that school is close to being in full gear and the beach crowds are thinning out, its time for the locals to come out. I am a fairly experienced bodyboarder and I am now looking to broaden my horizons by getting a surfboard. But I have no idea whats good out there nor where to start.
    I am 6' 4" and 160 lbs I was told i should get a 6'-8" - 7' board cause of my size but can someone help me out as of what kind of names that are out there? Whats good / reliable / fast and not a price gouge... etc? Oh, and i have years of skating experience if that changes anything..


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    I'm 165 lbs and I ride my shortboards in the 6"2" range. However, I wouldn't recommend starting on a shortboard. I would get a longboard or transition board. If you want to noseride you will want a 9'6" to 10' noserider. If you want an easier turning board get a 9'0" to 9'6" performance longboard. Check out Driftwood from Florida:

    Transporting and carrying a longboard can be a pain so an egg, single fin, or funboard is a good alternative for a beginner. Some examples:

    Or for funboards check out WRV in VA and NC

    For a transition board at your size I would say 7'0" to 7'6" should make for easier paddling and more stability.

    If you decide to go with a shortboard I would suggest 6"4" - 6'6", but you could be miserable for awhile before you get the hang of it.

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    I have a longboard, funshape and shortboard. I can honestly say i have the most fun on my longboard. Though it is a tri fin performance kind. If your just learning it would probably help alot to get a longboard first. Especially in smaller waves. You can always get a short board once you get the hang of catching and riding waves. Some longboards i recommend for beginners.

    Hobie peterpan slug(there pricey though!)
    stewart Hydro glide
    walden magic(1 2 or 3) model