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    If somebody can help me out I appreciate it

    In 2 weeks I'm headed down to Florida to visit family and I'm looking to bring a couple boards with me just in case. Since I'm trying to stick to a low budget I cant afford a board bag.

    So I'm wondering if anybody in the Jersey shore area would be kind and generous enough to let me borrow a board bag for the week.

    I'm headed down there the March 10th and will be staying there until the 18th.

    If anybody can help me out I would greatly appreciate it

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    Where you headed to in Florida? I got a couple of family members down there.

    I got a small bag, but it can only fit one board. I'd let you borrow it but since your bringing more than one board it's not gonna fit

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    I'm gonna PM you.

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    pm me what you got to bring down there i gotta couple dakine day bag types might be able to help ya with

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    what size bag u need ???? I got a 10'0, 6'3 and a 5'9 and were in NJ are u . I also got a 7'0 sock aswell

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    I'm looking to bring 3 boards with me the biggest is 6'2"

    I'm in long branch by the way
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