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    Wetsuit boot stank

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the smell from wetsuit booties?

    ... Seriously mine smell terrible

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    rinse with freshwater and do whatever u can to dry. i throw em over a heating vent in my house

  3. Use a wetsuit cleaner first, such as oneill wetsuit wash or rip curl piss off. After you kill the stank, try rinsing with fresh water and drying your booties in front of a fan after each session. Just make sure the ankle opening is open to let the air in.

  4. go buy some woolite, its similar to the wetsuit shampoos, but cheaper. you can find it in any food store. mix with warm water and soak em. works for me. getting the boots is dry is key too. i stick a fan on the floor and aim it right towards the insides.

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    I soak them over night in a bucket with cat 5 wetsuit cleaner and let them air dry . Never have them stink afterwards

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    once they dry I like to sprinkle a little baby powder in there. keeps em smellin' fine and makes it easier to put em on.

    One funny story, though. One day recently I was suiting up in the front seat of my car with the heater blasting and I lifted my boot up by the dash and for some reason turned it upside down and a ton of powder came out - it hit the heater vent and went right in my face and all over the inside of the car.

    Everythying was covered in white powder and I had to open the door to get air to stop coughing. If a cop had come by it would have been a cheech and chong moment no doubt.

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    just let them stink. its really not that big ofa deal

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    i know guys that don't properly rinse wetsuits and it is disgusting.the rinse after surf is a pain but worth smell and longer life.must hang properly for drying and airing out,too.

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    ^ Nasty. Freshwater has always worked well for me with the occasional wetsuit shampoo rinse. Get some one on one time with your rubber in the shower after a sesh never had a problem.

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    I rinse mine with fresh water and then TURN THEM INSIDE OUT to let them dry. Once they dry, I turn them back to normal. No stink, no soap or wetsuit wash necessary.