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    I didn't read that old thread, but I have read before that Tom Sena bought up the licensing to all those old names, but the companies didn't actually sell out, they let their licensing expire. He just came in and basically took the names and licensed them out since they weren't licensed at that point. Not sure if that's true, but it seems plausible. I've even seen the canyons referred to as "Rockaway Canyon".

    I have a twin fin Canyon retro fish. Bought it dirt cheap used off some kid (was his first board). I wanted to try a retro fish for small waves to see if I liked it, and didn't want to plunk down a huge wad of cash. I'll tell you what, the shape is not bad at all. I'm sure it's a clone of someone elses shape, hell could be a clone of an old real Canyon from the Rusty era. Whatever the case, it's a pretty decent shape/outline. I'd love to say it sucks, but I can't, cus the board went well. I rode it from knee high up to overhead. The board I had wasn't really chunky for a retro twin. It was 6'2" which is long for a retro fish (I'm 220 lbs) but only 2 5/8 thick, and relatively foiled in the tail and nose considering it's a retro. There were no obvious flaws to the shape either. Very symetrical, no oddities in the shape or outline like I see on a lot of popouts in the shops. Guessing it was machine cut to pirated dimensions, and then just had some minor hand sanding.

    The quality of finish craftsmanship is pretty poor. The glass is heavy, probably 6 OZ, but it's just weird. It's hard and kind of brittle. Little chips/cracks all over, but hard to the point where it doesn't pressure ding. Someone said perhaps they actually spray the resin on...who knows. It just seems different than a "non-popout" glass job. Both swallow tail tips broke off and had to be repaired, the leash cup ripped out as it wasn't installed correctly, and eventually one of the generic fin boxes broke out. Their pretty junky boxes and it had some stiff fiberglass keel fins. I'm big and can put my weight into a turn so it was probably destined to happen. In the boards defense though, it saw it's share of head high waves, and I was hard on it; It was chest-head the day the box gave out.

    For me it served it's purpose. I knew after only a few sessions I really like riding a fish. I was able to take from it what I liked and disliked, and I've since had a custom made with tweaks in the shape/outline that suit me better. Now the Canyon sit's in my surfboard junkyard in the corner of the garage.

    As far as popouts go, you could do a lot worse, but it certainly had some shortcomings.

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    I got a old 5'10 Plastic Fantastic from the 70's before Rockaway Tom took over the name rights . Worth some nice coil and it rides sweet too

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    My buddys cousin has a real Canyon stashed in his beach house. It's a pretty sweet board.

    I've got a few classics, but not any of the Rockaway pirated labels.

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    Can somebody here help me contact Canyon???? One of my fins on my retro fish fell completely out of the board when i was surfing and I don't know where to get a replacement fin because of the strange fin box. Also, I cannot find the number or website to their company. Somebody please help!

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    You speak mandarin?? Just kidding.

    You won't get any support from canyon. Their made in a Chinese popout factory. I have a broken one in my garage and a stack of fcs fins. I'll check and see I they fit in the generic canyon fin boxes after I have lunch with my kids.

    Is it a twin fin fish? If so, which fin did you lose?

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    Okay thank you for your help...It is a retro twin fin fish. If you are looking at the board from its bottom side, the fin on the right is missing. Thank you.

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    Looking at bottom with nose up? So the left fin tat's missing then?
    Pretend the pic below is your board. Looking at it this way, which fin is missing?

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    Yes, that is the exact board...If you are looking at it that way, the left fin is missing.

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    [QUOTE=Recycled Surfer;90457]I know Canyon longboards come straight from our little communist friends over seas like half the stuff we sell in this country. Its tough to compete with somebody who makes pennys on the dollar and dosent understand the first thing about surfing but can field strip an AK-47 blindfolded in seconds. I can't say how
    good they are but when it comes to Surf Boards - BUY AMERICAN. PLEASE.[/QUO

    Why should it stop at surfboards?What ticks me the frig off is when we are saying buy Surfboards from the U.S.Why does it stop there.Whats every one driving to the beach thats what I want to know or we just hypocrits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kranks8 View Post
    Yes, that is the exact board...If you are looking at it that way, the left fin is missing.
    If the missing fin looks like the one below, then it's your lucky day. Pm me ur address and I'll mail it to you.