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    I got a canyon twin fin fish as my first surfboard. When I first started I thought it was decent just the tips on the tail would crack very easily. I still ride it with the same fins and everything if it's a soft and crappy day. It is a pretty fun shape and it was super cheap. It is no where near the same quality as my other boards but for a first board it's alright. <---- I don't think it is right to rip off the classic companies though just to make a profit. It just ruins the company.

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    Nowadays canyons are hit and miss sticks........Some are pops , some hand shaped. I know a guy who has had one for a long time and it only has a cpl small dings on it but it was heavy glassed and glossed. Made in China right on the stringer..... Doesnt ride very good cause the concaves pretty much suck on it but he likes it so I guess thats all that matters.

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    Dammit!! We already have the Douchebag Kings (Wild Ocean) now we have the Pop Out Kings.
    Hell yea fu<K wild ocean

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    Are there any ways to tell if it is a pop out? Mine has a good feel on the rails and I bought it at my local surf shop.

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    I bought my pop out canyon before I knew where it was made, and just wanted a cheap retro to give it a try. When I first found out its chinese made and not a real canyon, i sort of feel like I slept with the scankiest chick in the bar without a condom,... but then I say F-it. I'll buy a better board next time, but honestly, for the price, it aint a bad board. I had to touch up the rear tips , but that happens on other boards with points. I didn't put one of the fins in tight enough one time and had a repair from where the rear part of the fin dug into the glass. I've had it at least 3 maybe 4 years now and it's my go to board in the summer when I go to a crowded break. It will be up for sale soon, but i'll get one near exact dimensions to replace it first.