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Thread: This weekend...

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    This weekend...

    I live 20 minutes from the beach and dont want to waste a gallon of gas. Ya know what I mean? Also, I dont understand this graph thing, what does the green mean? Is that bad? Whats up with all of this extra data? Who cares about tides and wind and stuff, i mean this is surf not meteorology, duh! Do you think ill need a wetsuit? I mean the air will be like 60! If i do have to wear one, can I get a tan through it?

    I really just want some ankle peelers and work on my tan Thats all I need on my foam top SUP, i got for $399 from China... What a deal!!. OMFG iv done so much tube riding on that thing. Im considering a go-pro, maybe several of them. Anyone know of any secret spots that I can come crash? I have like 16 friends and we all SUP together. Well, its mainly talking, singing, and goofing off, but I want to bring my friends. We all hate short boarders, those p*ssies, always crying about us getting all of the waves. Should have brought your paddle, huh bra?


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    might be time to take a break from forums when you get annoyed by peoples posts. the aggro "cyber locals" are cracking me up. If you don't live here...don't post here.

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    ........might be watching too much Charlie Sheen
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    green is bad...very bad. But at least its warm enough that you won't even need a wetsuit.