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    i surfed for 3 1/2 hours monday in a 4/3 f-bomb w/ a hooded poly vest, 3mil gloves, & 5mil booties. i was def. cold when i got out, but i had a pretty decently long session.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jone View Post
    I think I'm heading up to delaware this weekend with my friend for some wave action. I have a 4/3 mm wetsuit with a hood, and gloves. The forecast is saying 42 degrees water temp, am I gonna go in the water and be like or am I gonna be like ? Thanks
    Boardshorts and a rash guard. You'll be fine!

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    4/3 w/ hood, gloves, boots, you should be good for awhile. Bring a bottle of hot water to drink, yes hot water, it will warm you up better than anything else liquid because your body will absorb water faster than anything else. Use Your head too, shivering and teeth chattering are the early signs of hypothermia, the next thing to go is you ability to think clearly, so if you find yourself paddling for England you're In trouble, do a 180 and head to shore you're done for the day, no sh!t.

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    i've been wearing a (nice, new) 4/3 all winter. No problems. Hell, the water is "warm" now in comparison. Like they said earlier, booties are definitely optional. Maybe some cotton gym socks, but you dont need surf boots.

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