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    wildwood coast guard beach access?

    Ive spent many summers of youth leaving the fam at xxxxxxx and walking to the jetty for a few hours of surf...I walked the beach and the inlet on both sides and even surfed the cape may side by the big ass bunkers in the water north of poverty. Last time I was there about 10 years ago they blocked the access to the beach via volunteers and some douche on a atv....they claimed its due to piping plovers.

    I love piping plovers...grilled...boiled...close a whole beach due to birds...i bet the atv guy kills more birds than anyone

    anyhow question is what it the access like now in summertime....will someone freak out im walking down there with a surfboard or kinda thinking they will

    my dad said there is now a dune trail that leads to the coast guard beach and you can now access the jetty but I think my dad is full of it.

    whats the best route

    1)walk the dune/beach with the bugs

    2)walk the inlet (yes i know about the big barb wire fence that says they will arrest you) and still deal with the bugs

    3)kayak the ocean or inlet to the spot...anchor and surf and give the finger to the atv guys who tries to tell me I cant surf there

    I'm super familar with the cape may spots and the traffic....xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx are fun on the right swell

    Also any help on north wildwood would be cool too...

    thanks peeps
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