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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Powers View Post
    Its one mile of beach. I think you can sacrifice one mile out of the hundreds to choose from.
    I am not arguing that but most beaches in the Summer in Cape May County "require" Beach tags to gain beach access. It dont say anything about acess to the water. If you tread lightly and leave the beach as u found it then all should be good

  2. #12 mile of beach or not asking for a 7 eleven....i just wanna access's the one should be able to govern below the high tide's illegal and mostly rich or special interest groups think they are above it...they are not...why is not common knowledge?

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    below the high tide line should not be off limits, i agree. but there will always be the a**holes that take advantage. give em an inch and they take a mile. i cant tell you how many times ive seen idiots drive onto the dunes on the south end of brigintine.
    i wouldn't call it pristine either, haha thats laughable. its still nj
    all coastal states should be as enviromental active as the outer banks, thats what makes that place what it is.
    but if you really hate animals and undeveloped coastline with difficult access, just wait...they wont be around too much longer anyway. preservation is not one of the white mans gifts

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    wavejunkie...i dont hate said're just mad about my piping plover comment....whatever....i dont hate the plovers..they are cute i guess

    BUT there is a better way to manage these areas than what is taking place now....very sporadic enforcement of beach access that is left up to volunteers and the towns I understand no dogs and limited access, but there are a lot of volunteers getting real jersey attitudes with surfers who want nothing more than to just access the ocean and leave

    you will always get your bennies and shoobies and blah blah

    some of my best memories of youth are at this described jetty swimming with dolphins as they put on a show in the waves just for me......and because of birds on the beach someone is going to give me a bad time....thats nuts

    last year in North Carolina park rangers killed more piping plover nest than public....

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    Quote Originally Posted by boogitym View Post
    some of my best memories of youth are at this described jetty swimming with dolphins as they put on a show in the waves just for me
    One of my scariest memories of my youth was at this jetty... let's just say it involved a shark...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavejunkie View Post
    preservation is not one of the white mans gifts
    I 'm not so sure about this statement...We have an abundance of national and state parks in America for the sole purpose of preservation.

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    So how is the beach access to wildwood coast guard beach looking this year....figured i'd just bring this thread up rather than start a new one.....anyone know if the beach nazis are volunteering to keep us off the beach this year or what?

    Plan to kayak in anyway but figured i would ask

    thanks fellas

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATT JOHNSON View Post
    I belive in the state of nj if you go to a beach that requires beach tags they cant keep you from entering the tide line of the water. If you go there to surf , sponge, whatever is fine unitl you deicde to chill on the beach . Stay in the water and you dont need a beach tag
    everything below the mean hightide line is federal property. nobody (except military) can do anything about you being there.

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    I was surfing at the wildlife place, I think it's called Trestles? I think this is the one you're all talking about. When I went with a friend there was nobody there enforcing anything and I saw other surfers leaving the beach at the same time. The water is crystal clear and you can tell they dont mess with the sand since the breaks are so perfect. Everything was great until we saw a 6ft+ shark in the water and paddled our asses back to shore. One of the scarier moments of my life, I didnt actually see the thing at first but by friend told me to turn back to the shore and I didnt question him. He said he thought it was a dolphin but then saw its fin and said it was almost jagged, we didnt go back in.

    I know there's another place thats basically on the coast guard base that you cant get to unless you have a jetski or something. Apparently it's the best break in South Jersey, but I wouldnt go through the hassle of getting there.

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    Thats all I hear people calling it. It's nothing like the real one and I have no idea how it got it's name, nor do I actually go to the place that often. It's like a 10 minute walk (run) through a mosquito infested 2ft wide dune trail with tons of spike balls on the ground.