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Thread: O balls!!!

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    O balls!!!

    Anyone have their balls hurt after a long winter sesh...? Feel like they climbed back into ur gut? Ha,ha... If hawaii only knew what we go through, just to get a couple...

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    at least you're keeping them fertile! haha! yeah i have had it before. it gets bad, but whatever. the most ball pain you gotta worry about in hawaii is the swell pushing your board into them! i've had that happen before there! it's more worth the warm consistent swells. alright maybe not, but it doesn't happen as much as the ball freeze over in the northeast/mid atlantic. the water today didn't feel so bad though. it's gotten warmer since i last surfed here a month ago. i was in hawaii for 8 days, and just got back not even two weeks ago. aside from tuesday i hadn't gotten in the water back home since the end of february, and i noticed the difference right away, it's still next to frozen feeling, but a little more bearable.