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    MASSIVE 8.9 magnitude earthquake just hit Japan, some 80 miles offshore and ~240 miles northeast of Tokyo. Massive 13ft tsunami railed the eastern coast of Japan and has done incredible damage. No nuclear power plants destroyed and apparently this was the 7th largest earthquake in modern times. Tsunami sirens sounding in Hawaii right now and evacuations are in effect. Tsunami arrival time is 3:00am local time with up to a 3meter wave. Tsunami watch in effect on the Pacific coast of the U.S. right now. Arrival time is 8-9:00am on the west coast with ~3-5foot tsunami expected.

    They just said Kurihara, Japan, was completely destroyed and over 20 million building in Tokyo are without power.

    Waves of up to 10m were reported from Sendai. There are still damaging aftershocks occurring.

    Good luck to all who will/have been affected.
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