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    where did it go?

    Where did the Sat/Sun build up go that was showing for Wrightsville Beach?

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    models showing a much weakened frontal system now... less NE fetch, small surf unfortunately.

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    I'm going to be at Topsail Island, NC this weekend with my 7'10". Any hope for me at all?

    By the way, I accidentally put my first post on the "global" forum and couldn't figure out how to delete it or move it over here. Sorry about that.

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    i bet TS would be fun today. definately not super, but there's some swell in the water. MB is getting cut off and still some waist high sets this morning. go surf.

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    Saturday in Topsail was flat. The wind blew like crazy overnight and Sunday was a washing machine with a LOT of drift. I got out Monday morning to what appeared to be promising waves, but the outside was breaking so slow I was having trouble getting in front of them and the inside was choppy and unorganized. Oh well, at least I was in the water...

    I was planning to head down to Va Bch/Croatan this weekend, but the forecasted surf conditions might be a bit above my skill level (I'm sorry to say). There should be a lot of happy surfers this weekend.