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Actually, I lost the flyer to tail rot, a common problem with CI's. Im sorry that your so defensive about this. I mean-You knew what you were getting into when you bought it, its for show and for go. The show costs you an extra $250. Dont get me wrong, they go. I tried not to get all localist hippy on you, but every CI board that sells for $700 lays the path for next years $750 model.

Again- CI certainly isnt keeping kelly (or you) out of any tubes. Good surfers surf well on whatever fits their style and wave conditions, regardless of manufacturer.
in the real world of grownups, $200 isn't that big a deal. i know it is when you're in highschool but get a real job and you don't have to sweat it so hard.

and sorry to be defensive but you guys take broad shots at everyone who rides a ci and assume they're all misguided kooks who don't know what side the wax goes on. for me, i'm new to the area and am not dialed into all the local shapers and don't want to stumble through multiple boards before i figure out who knows what they're doing because--this is going to be shocking--locals are capable of making duds too. they're also capable of giving less attention to people they don't know, or smoking too much dope or letting their assistants shape or glass one, etc..

i'd love a local magic board but until i get i better idea of what's out there my biscuit, flyer and m13 are three of the best boards i've ever owned and i've been surfing since al merrick was just an unknown local shaper in santa barbara with some kid named tom curren making waves with his boards.