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    Please Help A Noob

    Hey guy's. I'm going on a vacation to Hilton Head SC. It looks like there will be decent surf there on Monday. I have little experience. I grew up in SO Cal and tried surfing there with no success but I am a good wakeboarder and inland surfer (behind a wakeboat). I really would like to use this opportunity to try some real surfing. Could anyone tell me where to rent a surfboard while I'm thre? I have my own 3/2 full suit.


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    Just Listen to everything this guy says

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    Thanks for nothing friend!

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    Hey bro I moved to cape fear from Socal too. I'm sure you could rent a board from any shop there in town. It'll brobably be best to ask the guy what board would be best for your level of experience. If you haven't got the pop-up down you should practice at home on the floor. If you are a real newby then you may wanna take a lesson. Remember chin up, look where you wanna go, and everyone dismounts the same (falls into water). Good luck, waters in the 50's 3/2 and boots are recommended. Check out my blog.