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I made a bunch of wax today . Micheals sell 1lbs block of bees wax for 17 bucks and a thing for coconut oil for 9 dollars , and some plastic containers with lids for a buck and the dollare store.

I filled a pot with water half way let it come to a boil , I used a old vegtable can to put 1 part coconut oil and 3 parts bees wax in the can and put it in the pot unitl it all melted down . Poured into resuseable containers and let it cool .

It cool and is a white color . The wax I seen on some videos was a brown color . I guess thats cause they added Pine Sap to the mix . I am gonna try it tomorrow and see how it works
sounds great , thanks for the info!

couple Q: for ya
what does pine sap do to the wax??
does it work in all water temps ????
is it true more coconut oil make it sticky and less = more clumpy ?

thanks, all the best