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    Alaia Anyone? Xylem Surfboards

    Hey, Josh here from Xylem Surfboards. Just wanted to say thanks to those who have ordered boards from me in the past few months! My buisiness would simply not exist without you!
    Anyway, I 'd like to meet all you fellow alaia riders out there. Band Together! I'm interested and would like to hear some stories about your expiriences riding alaias so I can post it on my site for a future project.
    Along with your stories, I'm also trying to see if anyone would be interested in having their photo or video posted on my site. So, if you have a decent photo or video of you riding an alaia, let me know. Keep it clean.
    All I shape and ride are alaias and paipos. I have several models available and I also take custom orders. I'd be glad to talk about what board will work best for you.

    If you want to learn more about alaias visit my site:
    See you in the water!

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    hey man! ive shaped a couple alais myself i was shaping them for my friends down south. They are killer fun, but seriously challenging! i think its so rewarding after shaping your own and then getting in the water with it haha. im glad there are some other east coasters shaping them as well.

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    i recently got a wegener blueglill and love it. it's not a true alaia but it paddles great, catches anything and still glides and slides like a finless. very, very fun:

    7'0 veneer deck, bio resin, and recycled foam, polonia rails

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    Is there any type of wood beside Paulownia wood that i could use to shape this board. I don't have any experience shaping or have the money to have Paulownia shipped to me. I was wondering if could get any kind of wood at home depot that would work. I'm not trying to spend alot of money, just trying to have some fun experimenting with shaping.